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汉服租借费用明细 (Hanfu Rental Charges)


The rental charges for Hanfu are based on a daily rate, except in special circumstances. Renters are expected to return the Hanfu within 48 hours of taking possession.

汉服租借费用 (Hanfu Rental Fee): 50 加元 (50 CAD)
会员汉服租借费用 (Member Hanfu Rental Fee): 40 加元 (40 CAD)

押金 (Deposit)


In addition to the rental fee, renters are required to pay a certain amount of deposit. The deposit will be refunded in full upon the return of the Hanfu if the clothing is in good condition and returned on time, with the exception of special circumstances. The deposit will be refunded on the last working day of the month in which the clothing is returned.

汉服押金 (Hanfu Deposit): 100 加元 (100 CAD)

汉服归还期限 (Hanfu Return Deadline)


Hanfu rentals must be returned within the specified time. Failure to return them on time will result in a daily deduction of 10 CAD from the deposit.


汉服损坏与赔偿 (Hanfu Damage and Compensation)


Upon return, if minor damage is found during inspection (such as dyeing, minor wear and tear, or missing accessories), the deposit will be deducted accordingly. In the case of severe damage to the Hanfu (such as fabric damage, or loss of original color or design), full-price compensation is required.


权力与解释权 (Rights and Interpretation)


Vancouver Hanfu Society reserves the right to interpret all aspects of the rental service.

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